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Dendrite Music is a tiny but courageous independent record label founded by Sheldon Tamsett in February 2018.

A close friend had been making music for a number years and in January 2018 he played me something that blew me away. "You must release this, it's brilliant!". How? Was the response. And in a moment of madness, I answered  "I will start a record label and we will release it".

Dendrite Music Ltd was born.

The first, aforementioned band signing will be May 2018.

Finding Talent

The label is without genre boundaries for the unique and creative music artists who can "spike" the ear.

Dendrite is looking for dedicated solo artists or bands, who believe in themselves and whose music and artistic presentation will make them stand out from the rest.

Your Music Goals

This record label has access to a pool of talented people who can assist the artist to develop their own brand, from imagery to production.

Dendrite will provide the artist with digital releases onto Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc., with the ultimate aim of Vinyl releasing (our preferred format).


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We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

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